Take Control – a podcast for people with IBS

We are so incredibly proud to be sponsoring Kirsten Jackson’s, The IBS Dietitian, Podcast, series 3. ‘Take Control – a podcast for people with IBS’ is packed full of amazing information and insights, with multiple guest speakers including our Founder Bay, Dr Will Bulsiewicz & Lottie Drynan from The Tummy Diaries. It is now number 42 in the Apple Podcast Charts UK out of all of the nutritional podcasts. This is so impressive for a podcast completely designated to IBS and it’s fantastic to know that so many people are accessing this truly vital information.

Below is a list of the episodes included in Kirsten’s third series. We recommend listening to the whole podcast as every episode from every series is 100% worth listening to.


E1: Spot light interview with Bay - Founder of Bay's Kitchen

Tune into this incredible episode all about our Founder Bay Burdett.

E2: What actually is IBS and how do you get diagnosed?

This is a fantastic listen for anyone who thinks they might have IBS and wants answers and to know exactly what having IBS means. Listen here

E3: Body image with Lottie Drynan from Tummy Diaries

The incredible Lottie talks all about struggles with body image whilst having IBS. Using her Instagram account to normalise IBS symptoms especially bloating, Lottie is determined to teach you how to love your body. Listen here.

E4: What is the Low FODMAP Diet & how does it improve symptoms?

Struggling with your IBS? Heard of the Low FODMAP Diet but don’t really understand it? This is the episode for you. Kirsten goes through exactly what low FODMAP is and do’s & don’t to avoid future damage of your gut health. Listen here

E5: Dr Will Bulsiewicz, author of NYT best seller 'Fiber Fueled' - Navigating a plant based diet

Considering following a plant based diet? Wondering how this will impact your IBS? Listen to Kirsten and Dr Bulsiewicz go through the ins and outs of the diet. Don’t worry there are no fads here, Dr B is a world famous US gastroenterologist and a huge fan of educating the public on evidence based nutrition! Listen here

E6: The gut-skin connection with Dr Natalia Spierings

In this episode, The IBS Dietitian, Kirsten Jackson speaks to UK Dermatologist Dr. Natalia Spierings about all things gut-skin. There are so many different claims out there when it comes to IBS’s impact on the rest of your body, it’s definitely worth a listen to clarify this connection. Listen here.

E7: Food Freedom with dietitian Maeve Hanan

Do you often eat foods you know you shouldn’t as they’ll flare-up your IBS? Do you often overeat and suffer with a flare-up afterwards? Then this one might be for you. Taking you through how intuitive eating methods can help, Kirsten & Maeve cover how to improve your daily routine. Listen here

E8: IBS and the low FODMAP diet in children with dietitian Bahee Van de Bor

If your child suffers with IBS then this is an excellent listen. Bahee, a paediatric specialist IBS dietitian, covers what symptoms are abnormal, the possible causes, what tests are needed and the low FODMAP diet. Listen here.

E9: How to eat bread without bloating

Do you LOVE bread like I do but HATE the bloat that comes from eating it? Well Kirsten is busting myths in this episode and exposing the truth around the impact bread has on the gut! Listen here.

E10: SIBO - diagnosis, management and treatment

People are often misdiagnosed with IBS when they actually have SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth). Listen to this episode to hear everything you need to know about SIBO – how to diagnose and treat it! Listen here.

We really hope that you enjoy Kirsten’s podcast and find it as useful and informative as we did, here at Bay’s Kitchen. Why not give Kirsten a follow on Instagram to get even more tips & info about IBS & gut health?

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