Travelling abroad when you have IBS

Travelling should always be an exciting experience – you might be going to visit friends, off to get some sun, visiting somewhere new… but for those of us with digestive disorders it can be an equally daunting experience.

Being on time pressure to get to the airport, then to get through security, get to the gate, then being stuck in a plane seat for hours (which unless you’re flying business class, is not a comfortable journey for anyone), having a seatbelt sign on so you can’t go to the toilet in those desperate times, sharing the worlds smallest toilet with 50 to 150 other passengers when you are allowed to go, access to only high FODMAP foods… and this is all before you’ve even got to your destination!

So, to not start your holiday off on a bad note, here are a few tips to help you stay as symptom free throughout your journey:

Be careful of what you eat a few days leading up to your trip, so you can make sure a flare up isn’t imminent!

Wear comfortable, loose clothing

Check in online as soon as you can and book yourself an aisle seat.. close to the front or back toilets if possible (it’s one thing needing to go to the toilet a lot on the plane, it’s another having to ask the people next to you countless times to move so you can go to the toilet!)

Ladies… remember maxi pads aren’t just for periods 😉

Don’t get over excited at the airport and order lots of alcohol and high FODMAP Foods… your IBS won’t care if you’re going on holiday or not!

Take a neck pillow and some calming music… if you can sleep through most of the flight then all the better

Take your antispasmodics and some Senocalm just in case

Take peppermint tea (useful for the journey and at your destination as you can easily find hot water and peppermint tea does wonders for triggered IBS symptoms)

Buy food in the airport shops where you have time to read the labels and check for those pesky FODMAPs

Hopefully this will help you not to have a flare up on your way to or from your destination. Enjoy your holidays!

Written by Bay Burdett, Founder & CEO of Bay’s Kitchen.

Copyright Bay’s Kitchen. Please do not reprint without permission. 

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