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Adjusting Your Subscription

How often can I get my Subscribe & Save products shipped to me?

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The choice is yours. You can adjust your auto-delivery frequency to suit your individual usage.

Can I pause my subscription if I go on holiday?

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Yes. You can Pause or Skip your subscription within the customer portal.

Can I gift a subscription to someone else?

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Yes! You absolutely can. We offer our customers the ability to gift their subscriptions if they wish to. This feature can be found within the skip function.

Subscriber Benefits

How does the subscription program work?

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If you choose to “subscribe and save” (versus making a one time purchase), your order will be set up to renew on a recurring basis. Select your desired subscription interval to select how often you’d like to receive your product(s).

What's the difference between Subscribe + Save and One-Time Purchase?

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One of the best things about Bay's Kitchen is how many ways it can be purchased. We like to keep it flexible.

Subscribe + Save: Get a discount on your favourite products when you sign up for auto-delivery. This way, you’ll always have the product you want… when you want it. 

One-Time Purchase: Try your favourite products through one-time purchase(s). This option does not automatically renew your purchase.

What products are included in the subscription program?

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Any product that offers you the ability to subscribe and save.
Products that don’t offer a subscribe and save option aren’t eligible for purchase on a recurring basis.

Can I add a one time product to my order? How?

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Yes. Once you’ve logged into your customer portal, you’ll be able to see a list of eligible products you can add as a one time product to your subscription. 

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