Eating out whilst on the Low FODMAP Diet

Eating out can be one of the greatest challenges for anyone following the diet, particularly through elimination. If you’re anything like me, you shy away from being really fussy in restaurants and just deal with the consequences of what you eat, rather than having to spend half an hour talking to the waiter about what’s in particular dishes and waiting for them to check with the chef!

But over time, like I have, you’ll learn the dishes you can more easily tolerate and those you can’t. Follow these steps to make eating out a whole lot easier. Whilst none of these methods are guaranteed for a completely safe Low FODMAP meal out, it will make life easier and less stressful… and less stressful means less IBS flare-ups for most of us!

Top 5 tips!

  1. Opt for simple dishes, like steak and veg, to ensure you are avoiding as many high FODMAP foods as possible. You can more easily tailor a meal with meat, potatoes and veg to be low FODMAP.
  2. Salads are another easy choice as you can see what you are getting and more easily put any high FODMAP ingredients to one side… just remember to ask for the dressing on the side too!
  3. Opt for restaurants who have a gluten-free offering. Whilst most of us are ok with some gluten, gluten-free often eliminates wheat and also shows they are willing to cater for freefrom diets.
  4. Plan ahead… if you have booked a meal in advance, go onto the website and have a look at the menu and spend the time finding something that you will like. You could even email or call in advance to discuss you options… it’s much easier than in front of your friends when you’re more under pressure to order.
  5. Find dishes you like and suggest going back to those restaurants when friends and family suggest a meal out!

My aim as part of Bay’s Kitchen, is to not only raise awareness of IBS and the Low FODMAP Diet in the food retail sector, but also bring it to the foodservice sector as well… restaurants, hotels, cafés, airlines, train lines, cruise liners are all areas we would love to bring the Low FODMAP Diet to.

With awareness growing around the Low FODMAP Diet, a new ‘FODMAP’ category being launched in the 2018 FreeFrom Awards and the first Low FODMAP restaurant having opened in Scotland, we don’t think it’ll be long before you can safely eat a low FODMAP diet, whether your buying convenient food in or eating out.

Written by Bay Burdett, Founder & CEO of Bay’s Kitchen.

Copyright Bay’s Kitchen. Please do not reprint without permission. 

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