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FODMAP Help & Resources

FODMAP Help & Resources

FODMAP Help and Resources...

Below are links to some resources Bay found super helpful and wish she’d known about from day one of following a Low FODMAP Diet. There are quite a few links here, but you’ll soon work out your favourite ones which you keep going back to.


Want to know more?

If you would like to learn more about the Low FODMAP Diet then please click here.

We have written an IBS & Low FODMAP Glossary, to define what all the techincal and medical terms you might come across actually mean! This can be accessed here.

Don’t forget, we sell our Low FODMAP, Gluten Free products on our web shop, and offer great prices for bundles too! You can have a browse by clicking the link below!


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Emma's tips for eating Low FODMAP on a Budget

Cook & Author Emma Hatcher from has written this fantastic blog to talk you through her top tips for eating Low FODMAP on a budget. During these hard financial times, these tips are incredibly useful and help to make eating Low FODMAP less tricky.

Eating out on the Low FODMAP Diet

Eating out can be a daunting challenge for anyone following the Low FODMAP Diet, particularly when you are in the elimination phase. It can also feel rather embarrassing to be that person who has long frustrating conversations with the staff about what is in each dish... 
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