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The Best Low Fodmap Cookbooks for 2024

The Best Low Fodmap Cookbooks for 2024

In this blog article I have written a personal review of four of the best-selling Low FODMAP cookbooks. This is just my personal opinion, but if you find a different one which you think should be reviewed and promoted to our followers please do let me know by emailing me at or leaving a comment under this article.

The FODMAP Friendly kitchen

Author: Emma Hatcher

This is a fantastic cook book and my favourite to use. Though I may be a little biased as I have met the lovely Emma Hatcher and I am working with the team at FODMAP Friendly, who together created this book… I know even if I didn’t know them that this book would still be my favourite and here’s why:
– It has a great selection of sweet and savoury recipes
– The recipes are all delicious and there are lot’s of ‘normal’ recipes which you’d cook on an everyday basis, but are Low FODMAP
– Most recipes contain ingredients that we’d generally have in the cupboard anyway, so it’s not an expensive task of going to buy new ingredients all the time that you’d barely ever use
– There’s also some great advice and stories to read through

My rating: *****

The Low-FODMAP Diet Cookbook

Author: Dr Sue Shepherd

Another of my faviourite cookbooks – this book again has a great selection of what I call ‘normal’ recipes – not overly fancy, don’t take hours to prepare and cook and are dishes you’d regularly enjoy.
This book is broken into clear sections and the ‘Mains’ is my favourite – it covers all my favourite meals – Pasta, Pizza, Fish & Chicken, Pork, Beef & Lamb.

One thing which sets this book apart is that under each recipe you are given the nutritional content of a single serving size. So for the many of us who are following a Low FODMAP Diet, but also trying to eat well and stay in shape – this is a super useful tool!

My rating: *****

The Low FODMAP Recipe Book

Author: Lucy Whigham

This book is relatively new out and so it’s a favourite as they are all new recipes to me and look delicious, but I haven’t had a chance to try too many of them yet which is why my rating is undecided at the moment!

However it’s listed here with my favourites because every recipe that I have tried has been absolutely delious! Theres also some fantastic tips throughout the book and some very useful information at the front on ‘What to avoid’, ‘What to limit’ and ‘Eating out’.

My rating: TBC

Low FODMAP 28-Day Plan Cookbook

Author: Kate Scarlata

This was the first Low FODMAP Cookbook that I bought over 18months ago and I still go back to it all the time for the recipes as they are very tasty!

This book also has the nutritional information for each recipe which I think is super helpful when planning my meals for the week.

However, the best part of the book – which was so very helpful for me when I was starting out on a Low FODMAP Diet – is the Meal Planner. There’s a meal plan for each week, it provides you with a pantry/shopping list and also provides a list of what you can ‘prep ahead’ for that week… and we all now how good meal prepping is for trying to follow any type of diet plan!

My rating: *****

So that’s my summary on the best bits of each of my four favourite Low FODMAP cookbooks. I really hope you have found this review useful.                       

Written by Bay Burdett, Founder & CEO of Bay’s Kitchen.

Copyright Bay’s Kitchen. Please do not reprint without permission. 


Written by

Founder of Bay’s Kitchen

Bay Burdett

Bay Burdett is the founder and CEO of Bay’s Kitchen. Inspired by her personal IBS struggles and the lack of suitable dietary options in the UK​​. Bay's Kitchen provides a gut-friendly range of Low FODMAP, gluten-free, and dairy-free certified foods.

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