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Introducing Nutrition & Health Specialists: Uniquely Created U

Introducing Nutrition & Health Specialists: Uniquely Created U

Dr Nicholas Peat and Vanessa Peat are husband and wife and the co-founding directors of Uniquely Created Nutrition and Health (UCU).

UCU was founded to educate, support, and drive sustained lifestyle change, transforming mindset and shaping a healthy lifetime behavioural change.

Dr Nicholas Peat’s story.

Dr Nicholas Peat is a registered General Medical Practitioner and is experienced in Nutritional Medicine.

In 2008 Nicholas experienced a life changing event which included immense physical pain, weight loss and a period of fear and uncertainty about what the future might hold.

These symptoms resulted in a spontaneous rupture of his small bowel, infection and inflammation of his abdomen, emergency surgery and the resulting loss of 30cm of his small intestine. The diagnosis given to this alarming occurrence was severe Crohn’s disease.

Why did this happen?

Strange as it might sound but about 1-2 years prior to this difficult time Dr Peat had a sense that in the near future he was going to experience a physical loss. This generated statements like, “We really should think about improving our diet” or “I think we are having too much sugar” whilst drinking a home-made hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows on top!

For some years after his diagnosis of Crohn’s disease Nicholas had suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and at times had been overwhelmed with pain, suffered from bloating, and unexpected urgency of bowel movements. These episodes could happen at any time of day or night. Uncontrollable bowel movements could cause even greater embarrassment when having to excuse himself abruptly from a patient consultation or during an office meeting. Sufferers of IBS and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are challenged not only by the pain and discomfort caused by the disease itself, but also by the added stress from not knowing when a symptom may be triggered.

Nicholas believed that if he had acted on improving his diet and lifestyle at an earlier stage, he would have reduced the risk of this distressing incident occurring.

What happened next?

Nicholas identified that stress also attributed to his ill health which in itself is an IBS trigger, so he learnt stress control methods. At the same time, he started eating a better diet suitable for his unique circumstances and took part in a new fitness regime, and all these together contributed to alleviate his symptoms and provide a much better quality of life.

Nicholas was remarkably fortunate to not have taken a steroid or any other type of pharmaceutical to bring about complete and sustain remission of the disease. Instead, this was achieved through significant dietary and lifestyle changes, which are easy to maintain.

Why do events like this happen?

Dr Peat hears stories similar to his all the time. For example, he has seen many patients only stop smoking after developing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Lung cancer patients and heart attack survivors suddenly wanting to improve their health seeking behaviours after these catastrophic events have occurred.

These problems occur due to lack of motivation needed to generate the change our hearts and minds tell us, from the lack of knowledge of what may be happening within our body, or due to not being able to reach out to get the help we really need when we need it most.

Vanessa, a Performance Nutritionist & Registered Associate Nutritionist, has also had lived experiences of a period of disordered eating in her teens which resulted in the onset of fatigue and headaches. Thankfully she overcame this episode after changing her mindset and learning more about nutrition.

Embracing neurodiversity

Both Co-founders identify as neurodivergent - as do some of the UCU clients. Neurodiversity is the idea that there are many unique ways to think, behave and learn. UCU wholeheartedly embrace this strength into the way they care for each client.

Following Nicholas’s diagnosis of Crohn’s Disease, Vanessa also became more passionate about nutrition and translating science into everyday practice, and witnessed the positive impact holistic lifestyle change can have on improving quality of life.

How UCU can help you?

Every individual is unique and Vanessa, Dr Nicholas Peat and the wider UCU Team, which include gut health, nutrition, dietetic, and behavioural change specialists, have the expert knowledge to help you understand the health issues that you may be facing.

UCU provide a holistic approach to sustained change and unique plans are created for each individual which include invaluable guidance and 1-2-1 support to help you achieve your health and nutrition goals.

For further information please visit or call 01604 320346.

Wherever you are on your IBS or gut health journey it is never too late, or too early, to consider small steps to change your mindset, look at your nutrition and consider ways to reduce stress. The small steps that you introduce into your everyday lifestyle now will eventually just become part of your normal everyday routine.

Uniquely Created U and Bay’s Kitchen

UCU are extremely excited to be able to recommend Bay’s Kitchen products as part of their upcoming IBS Programme. Bay’s Kitchen sauces, pesto’s and stocks are ingredients that can be part of a quick and easy but nutritious and healthy recipe which is IBS friendly and one that the whole family can enjoy together.

Here at Bay's Kitchen, we create award-winning Low FODMAP foods that are safe for the whole family to enjoy together. They're all IBS friendly, gluten free and dairy free, many of them are vegan approved too. Choose from our delicious range of stir-in sauces, condiments, pestos, soups, stocks and more. 

Made with the busy person in mind, our products are either ready to go or simply take 2 minutes to heat up. They're the perfect base for nutritious dishes that are packed full of flavour. 


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Uniquely Created U Nutrition

Dr Nicholas Peat and Vanessa Peat are husband and wife and the co-founding directors of Uniquely Created Nutrition and Health. UCU was founded to educate, support, and drive sustained lifestyle change.

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