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Become a stockist

Looking to expand your free from, gut health, or vegan offering?

We are always on the look out for new retailers to work with in order to make our award-winning, free from products more convenient and available for our customers.

Our products are a great fit for Free From, Health & Wellness and Gut Health categories, as all of our products are Low FODMAP (IBS/Gut Friendly), Gluten Free and Dairy Free. Most are vegan too!

A message from our Founder, Bay Burdett

“I am passionate about making food more enjoyable again for those of us with intolerances, allergies and dietary requirements.

Having suffered with IBS for many years and been following a Low FODMAP Diet for a long time, I know first-hand how difficult dietary requirements can make cooking at home. Trying to make foods IBS friendly can be tricky enough, but when I started to add my friends and families requirements into the mix (with may of them being vegetarian or vegan, gluten free or nut free), meal times became very difficult and time-consuming – often having to cook separate meals for everybody. It can really take the enjoyment out of cooking and meal times together.

So I created Bay’s Kitchen to make food enjoyable again. We certify our products as being Low FODMAP (no onion, no garlic), Gluten Free and Dairy Free and most of them are Vegan too. We have really focussed on taste to ensure everyone can enjoy the same meal together, whether they have dietary restrictions or not.

We hope you love our products as much as our customers do and we believe our products will bring new customers to your shop and generate sales for you. So why not get in touch to find out more about becoming a stockist.”

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Interested in stocking our products?

Please drop us a quick email to or use the contact form below...

Find out more about Free From foods

The free from market is now worth about £934million in the UK alone…

There is a huge market for free from foods, so if you aren’t stocking them, you need to ask yourself why?

1 in 100 people have coeliac disease, meaning they are allergic to gluten, and 9% of the population are intolerant to gluten – so that’s approx 6.7 million people in the UK who need Gluten Free foods.

IBS affects 20% of the population, so double the amount Gluten does, and the Low FODMAP Diet has been scientifcally proven to reduce IBS symptoms… so there is an even bigger need for Low FODMAP Products.

If we add dairy into the mix, 0.5% of adults are allergic to dairy, and 10-20% of the population are lactose intolerance, so there is a big need for Dairy Free
products. And finally looking at Vegetarians and Vegans – 30% of the population now class themselves as ‘flexitarians’, 14% as Vegetarians and 7% as Vegan.

At Bay’s Kitchen we cover all of these major requirements, by making our products Low FODMAP, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and most of them Vegan too. You can find out more about each of these key diets via the buttons below.

More info on our products and certifications

All of our products have an individual page on our website and you can find their ingredients, allergens, nutrition and recipes for each of the products over on our web shop.

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Allergen Info

You can also read up more about our certifications and allergen info on our Allergen Info page via this button.

Allergen info

Our Commitment

We are passionate about helping those with dietary restrictions be able to enjoy food with the whole family. Our commitment is:







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