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Vegetarian, Vegan & Low FODMAP

Becoming Vegetarian can feel quite restrictive as meat and fish are such a big part of standard diets. Going the huge leap further to become Vegan is growing ever more popular, but it’s far more restrictive again, though lots of food & foodservice companies are now catering for vegans which do make it easier.

But what happens if you are following either of these diets and then through in the Low FODMAP Diet too in order to help your IBS?! It’s not ideal due to the restrictive nature of both diets (and the fact most meat, fish and cheeses are Low FODMAP and so are allowed on that diet), however it is definitely doable!

We always advise people to seek help form their GP or dietitian when starting out on the Low FODMAP Diet, however if you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet (or any other kind of diet) alongside Low FODMAP, then it’s even more important to get their guidance. They will be able to help you with meal plans and options to ensure you are getting the right vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein etc, whilst following your diets.

You can find lots more information over on our blog…

Following a Low FODMAP Diet whilst maintaining a Vegan lifestyle…

Following a Low FODMAP & Vegetarian Diet

How Do Bay’s Kitchen Help?

At Bay’s Kitchen, all our sauces, soups and condiments are Vegetarian and Vegan approved! They are also all Low FODMAP and Gluten Free too! Head over to our shop to view our range.

We have also created a large range of recipes on our website, all of which are Low FODMAP and Gluten Free, and many are vegetarian or vegan too. Lots of the other recipes can easily be made vegetarian or vegan using easy substitutions.

Vegetarian & Vegan Approved

All Bay‘s Kitchen sauces, soups and condiments are Vegan approved, by the Vegetarian Society! We pride ourselves on making products suitable for a range of dietary plans and lifestyles. Our products are all Low FODMAP, Gluten Free and also Vegan.

We have plenty of Vegan recipes which you can view here and also some Vegetarian recipes, which could easily be made vegan too. These can be viewed here.

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