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7 Easy Low FODMAP Food Swaps

7 Easy Low FODMAP Food Swaps

Following the Low FODMAP Diet can be really challenging, especially when trying to add variety to your meals and to know exactly what you can and cannot have. We have written this blog post as a useful resource for days where food feels like a chore, to make following the Low FODMAP Diet that little bit easier. We have included some brilliant and simple food swaps, to learn more about high FODMAP ingredients, we recommend downloading the Monash University app which tell you what ingredients to use and at what quantity.

Help! I miss Garlic...

Garlic is in so many things and it’s no surprise as it adds so much flavour to dishes. If you’re missing the taste of this high FODMAP ingredient, you can get a taste of the good stuff by using Garlic Infused Oil instead. Fodmaps aren’t soluble in oil but they are in water, so infused oil is safe! Make sure it is ‘infused’ and not ‘flavoured’ with garlic.

The forbidden Onion

Onion is hidden in so many food products and is often one of the big culprits for flaring up our IBS symptoms. But we can’t deny it is so flavoursome. Don’t panic, there are brilliant Low FODMAP substitutes that can add just as much flavour without the unpleasant side effects. Simply swap for the green tips of Spring Onions (the white parts are high FODMAP so be sure to avoid these). Not fancying any of these options? Give Chives a go! Or find an infused shallot oil (see notes on infused oil above).

Carbs, carbs, carbs!

So we all love bread and pasta right? Well, you can still enjoy these whilst following the Low FODMAP Diet if you make some easy swaps. Swap ordinary bread for wheat sourdough, and swap white pasta for wholewheat pasta (Low FODMAP at a 74g serve)… If you’d rather avoid wheat altogether, choose gluten free pasta or quinoa pasta.

Oh so Fruity!

We all love fruit and it’s actually quite surprising how many fruits are high in FODMAPs. We have created a useful table below that shows you what fruits to avoid and which ones you can enjoy stress-free.

High-low fodmap chart

Veggies Galore

Let’s get that 5-a-day the right way, without flaring up your IBS symptoms. We have made a handy table with some easy Low FODMAP Vegetable swaps.

Meat & Fish

Meat & fish are naturally low in FODMAP which is brilliant news for us IBS sufferers. But, the processed & marinated meats that we all love tend to be high FODMAP. This is due to added ingredients like onion & garlic! Swap your high FODMAP marinated meats, salamis etc with these low FODMAP choices; plain meat, chicken, turkey, seafood & eggs. You can use herbs and spices like rosemary, paprika, basil, oregano, chilli and more to add your own flavour to meat and seafood or marinate in a Bay’s Kitchen sauce!

Getting saucy

So what about sauces, condiments, chutneys, gravies and stocks which all add flavour to our meals but are usually packed with onion, garlic, among many other high FODMAP ingredients? Well… you have come to the right website! Bay’s Kitchen was born to bring you convenient, amazing tasting foods which are all Low FODMAP Certified, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and most are Vegan too! Head to our shop now to explore our range.

We at Bay’s Kitchen hope that this can be helpful during your Low FODMAP journey. We always recommend that you double-check the quantities of your ingredients to make sure that they are Low FODMAP and therefore, suitable to consume during the elimination phase of the diet. If you need further meal inspiration, take a look at our Low FODMAP recipes, all of which are also Gluten Free and many are Dairy Free, Vegetarian or Vegan.

Written by Bay’s Kitchen.

Copyright Bay’s Kitchen. Please do not reprint without permission.  

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