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Welcome to the blog where we hope you’ll find interesting articles, interviews and top tips on all things IBS and FODMAP.

6 Relaxation Techniques To Ease Your IBS Symptoms

For National Relaxation Day (15th August) we want to share the best ways to relax when struggling with IBS. Why is this so important? Well, stress can be a massive IBS trigger, causing symptoms to worsen and sometimes causing a flare-up on its own.

4 Top Tips to Beat the January Blues

Hi lovely people! It’s Emma from @shecanteatwhat here. Now I don’t get that back to school buzz that some people do in January. It takes me a few weeks to get out of my post-Christmas daze, to wean-off the chocolate coins and brussel sprouts that I have eaten daily as a side at breakfast and to get back in the I’m-excited-for-work-zone. This blog includes my tips to feel your best in 2023.

Emma's Top Tips for Eating Low FODMAP on a Budget

Cook & Author Emma Hatcher from has written this fantastic blog to talk you through her top tips for eating Low FODMAP on a budget. During these hard financial times, these tips are incredibly useful and help to make eating Low FODMAP less tricky.

Dairy & IBS... What’s The Link?

Dairy foods are often accused of triggering IBS symptoms, but as Dietitian Laura Tilt explains, for most people with IBS, there’s no need to avoid dairy completely. What Are Dairy Foods? Dairy foods are described as milk, and any foods made from milk, including...

5 Top Tips to Deal With an IBS Flare-Up After Christmas

Dealing with a surge of gut symptoms after Christmas? We asked dietitian Laura Tilt (@nutritilty) for some advice on managing the festive fallout.It’s quite normal to experience more gut symptoms than usual both during and after the festive season - the combination of...

Fibre & IBS: A Complete Guide

If you’ve been following the gut health movement, you’ll probably have heard that a high fibre diet is beneficial for the gut and its microbes. But what if you’ve got IBS? Is a high fibre diet still a good idea, or can it make your symptoms worse? Here’s what you need...

The Link Between Stress & IBS: 5 Tips For Better Brain-Gut Health

Stress - it’s something we all experience, but if you have IBS, it can be particularly problematic for your gut. Let's talk about stress Described as the reaction we have to being put under pressure, stress is something we all experience from time to time. It can...

What Is IBS & How Can You Treat It?

IBS stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome - a digestive condition nearly 1 in 5 suffer with.  What is IBS? You may have heard of IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome, you may have it, or know others who have been diagnosed with the condition, but what actually is it? In the...

IBS & Low FODMAP Glossary

If you have been suffering with IBS, or looked at the Low FODMAP Diet, the chances are you have come across lots of medical and technical jargon that probably makes very little sense! So we have put together this IBS & Low FODMAP Glossary, to make sense of all...

10 Top Tips To Get Started With the Low FODMAP Diet

April is IBS Awareness Month, however due to the current situation  (Covid-19) it hasn’t been the usual hype of activity. However, at Bay’s Kitchen we still felt it was really important to raise awareness of the condition and do what we can to help – we might all be...

5 Steps for Managing IBS Before You Try the Low FODMAP Diet

The Low FODMAP Diet is a popular approach to managing IBS symptoms, but it’s not necessarily the first step that’s recommended. So what comes first in terms of symptom relief? It was over ten years ago that a team of researchers at Monash University discovered that a...

myIBS: The New Support Programme for IBS Sufferers

Talkhealth has launched myIBS to help anyone experiencing IBS, Its a free 12-week programme written by leading medical experts.

5 Essential Resources for Those Suffering With IBS

This page looks at the Top 5 Recources for those suffering with IBS in the UK. We discuss the best apps and support groups.

IBS Survival Guide: How to Manage Your IBS at Christmas

Christmas is literally just around the corner and it's such an exciting time of they year, with Christmas Parties, families getting together, Father Christmas visiting the little people in our lives, mint matchmakers are back on sale... I could go on! However, for...

4 Wardrobe Essentials for IBS Sufferers

Sorry guys, this one is just for the girls! Living with IBS isn’t great. It can really take over your life and get you really thinking about things which never really crossed your mind before. Before I had IBS I would throw some clothes on and walk out the door, with...

Here's What To Do If You've Just Been Diagnosed With IBS

Just been diagnosed with IBS? Well don't panic. Read on to fins out where to start and what to do next. We have lots of tips to help you manage your IBS.

10 Practical Dos & Don’ts When You Have IBS!

Here are some key things to follow when you are living with IBS to make life a bit easier! We'll start with the 'dos'! When you have IBS it is really important to take time for yourself. High stress can trigger your IBS symptoms, so you need to learn to relax,...

4 Tried & Tested Tips for Exercising with IBS

Written by Joanne O'Connell Grab your trainers, here are our tips on how to burn off energy (even when you’re not feeling very energetic)… You know when you're having a bad day. You feel like your digestive system is in total meltdown and even the thought of going to...

6 Top Tips to Calm an IBS Flare-Up

This is totally situation dependent... you could be at home, at a music festival, at work or in town with your family, but whatever you're up to when your IBS flares up, these tips can help: Take a nap If you can, go and lie down somewhere. Whenever you're...

9 Invaluable Flight Travel Tips For IBS Sufferers

Travelling should always be an exciting experience - you might be going to visit friends, off to get some sun, visiting somewhere new... but for those of us with digestive disorders it can be an equally daunting experience. Being on time pressure to get to the...

How To Support a Loved One With a Digestive Disorder

Do you suffer from a digestive disorder, such as IBS or SIBO and just wish those around you were more supportive? Or do you know someone who suffers with gut issues? Well here’s a few ways how you can support them, as from personal experience a bit of understanding...

10 Top Ways to Destress for Effective IBS Management

Stress is a major factor for those suffering with IBS and other digestive issues. It has been proven in some cases, large amounts of stress (be it down to a new job, grievance, or other factors in your life) has been the trigger of some people's IBS. Whether your IBS...

How to Cope With IBS at Work

Most working environments aren’t at all ideal for IBS sufferers. I have predominantly worked in an office environment since having IBS and it has thrown up daily challenges for me; from being in a client meeting where it’s quiet and my bowels are not! To being in the...
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