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Starting The Low FODMAP Diet

Welcome to the blog where we hope you’ll find interesting articles, interviews and top tips on all things IBS and FODMAP.

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep a Food Diary

When you’re first diagnosed with IBS, it’s easy to feel confused about what may trigger your symptoms. This can quickly lead to the avoidance of certain foods and experiences that might have negative repercussions. From long-haul flights to simply going to work, IBS has an impact on all areas of your life and can quickly make your world start to feel very small.

Low FODMAP Meal Plan: A One-Day Sample

One of the biggest challenges to getting started with a low FODMAP diet is knowing what to eat! Take some inspiration with our one-day sample Low FODMAP meal plan, designed by FODMAP trained dietitian Laura Tilt. Scroll down to see our meal plan infographic, which you...

10 Steps To Success With Low FODMAP Elimination

The FODMAP diet is a 3-step elimination diet which helps to identify foods that trigger your IBS symptoms. It was developed in Monash University in Australia and is now one of the leading therapies for IBS. The diet is an effective route to managing IBS symptoms, but...

IBS & Low FODMAP Glossary

If you have been suffering with IBS, or looked at the Low FODMAP Diet, the chances are you have come across lots of medical and technical jargon that probably makes very little sense! So we have put together this IBS & Low FODMAP Glossary, to make sense of all...

5 Steps for Managing IBS Before You Try the Low FODMAP Diet

The Low FODMAP Diet is a popular approach to managing IBS symptoms, but it’s not necessarily the first step that’s recommended. So what comes first in terms of symptom relief? It was over ten years ago that a team of researchers at Monash University discovered that a...

What Is A Low Fodmap Diet & Where Do I Start?

If you have IBS, chances are you’ve heard of the low FODMAP diet. But what is it, and how do you know if it’s right for you? Here's what you need to know

5 Essential Resources for Those Suffering With IBS

This page looks at the Top 5 Recources for those suffering with IBS in the UK. We discuss the best apps and support groups.
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