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Welcome to the blog where we hope you’ll find interesting articles, interviews and top tips on all things IBS and FODMAP.

Low FODMAP Cookbook Review

In this blog article I have written a personal review of four of the best-selling Low FODMAP cookbooks. This is just my personal opinion, but if you find a different one which you think should be reviewed and promoted to our followers please do let me know by emailing...

Tips for exercising with IBS

Written by Joanne O'Connell Grab your trainers, here are our tips on how to burn off energy (even when you’re not feeling very energetic)… You know when you're having a bad day. You feel like your digestive system is in total meltdown and even the thought of going to...

Tips for coping when your IBS flares up

This is totally situation dependent... you could be at home, at a music festival, at work or in town with your family, but whatever you're up to when your IBS flares up, these tips can help: Take a nap If you can, go and lie down somewhere. Whenever you're...

Travelling abroad when you have IBS

Travelling should always be an exciting experience - you might be going to visit friends, off to get some sun, visiting somewhere new... but for those of us with digestive disorders it can be an equally daunting experience. Being on time pressure to get to the...

Supporting those who suffer with a digestive disorder

Do you suffer from a digestive disorder, such as IBS or SIBO and just wish those around you were more supportive? Or do you know someone who suffers with gut issues? Well here’s a few ways how you can support them, as from personal experience a bit of understanding...

10 of my favourite low FODMAP ingredients

When I was first diagnosed with IBS and advised to follow a low FODMAP diet, I went and did what we all probably did, I ‘Googled’ it! I was immediately panicked and disheartened to see so many of my favourite things on the high FODMAP list, which I needed to avoid....

Top 10 ways to destress

Stress is a major factor for those suffering with IBS and other digestive issues. It has been proven in some cases, large amounts of stress (be it down to a new job, grievance, or other factors in your life) has been the trigger of some people's IBS. Whether your IBS...

Dealing with IBS at work

Most working environments aren’t at all ideal for IBS sufferers. I have predominantly worked in an office environment since having IBS and it has thrown up daily challenges for me; from being in a client meeting where it’s quiet and my bowels are not! To being in the...
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